Industrial Plant Installations – OEM Equipment

Demolish old Foundry Equipment, retrofit existing Foundry equipment and install new Foundry equipment eg. Induction furnaces, Transformers, Cooling towers, Pump stations, Hydraulic station, Power/ convertor packs, LV/MV Switch/ Feeder panels, Capacitor banks, off gas systems, compressors, process control and monitoring equipment.

Electrical & Instrumentation

Complete system design of distribution reticulation systems up to 33kV

Design, supply, install, commissioning RMU’s – alternative power generation and connection from ESKOM to Power Utility.

Design, fabricating and installing LV, MV, HV MCC’s, transformers and substations

Service of Electrical LV and MV Distribution Systems

Design and manufacture bus-bars LV/MV/HT

Design, Manufacture Generators 20kVA to 3MW

Design of motor control centres, cable and racking layouts

Design of electrical distribution and utility systems, including power factor correction, energy management cable/ bus bar ratings and fault level design

Process measurement and control of temperature, flow pressure and level systems

Plant automation and control by means of PLC/SCADA/DCS systems – ABB and Siemens

 Manufacture specialised control stations, control desks and PLC panels - Optimisation

Control system design (PLC/SCADA Systems) ABB and Siemens

Service of Electrical LV and MV Distribution Systems

After sales maintenance, repairs and services


Manufacture and install pump units for water distribution and cooling.

Cooling towers, chillers and heat exchangers

Water Treatment

Water Pipe lines

Platforms, staircases

Project Management

Establish the clients and technical needs

Compile scopes of work with roles and responsibilities

Develop a project life cycle – cradle to grave approach

Conduct technical measurements, validations, risk assessments and other investigations

Conduct location studies

Compile the most suitable project team to guide and direct the various engineering disciplines

Record project objectives and standards of measurements

Compile budgets, feasibility studies and business cases

Approach and negotiate with entities on statutory requirements (e.g. EIA, permits, ROD’s, utilities etc.)

Compile specifications for various disciplines and assist with tender processes

Oversee and manage tender clarification and adjudications

Assist with matters relating to equipment acquirement and importation

Contract, construction QCP and program management (including SHE matters)

Interface management

Validation and approval of progress payments

Conduct regular construction and progress meetings with the client and various contractors

Compile and maintain relevant documentation and procedures agreed to by the client e.g. certificates,

Manage variation and scope creep

Develop standard operating procedures and task observation procedures

Commission and training,

Measure, verify performance and evaluate objectives

Handover and close-out project

TURN KEY Solution

From the range of services offered it is obvious that JTEC could deliver a turnkey project seamlessly. Needless to say those services will be tailored to meet each project’s specific needs.

Our project management team will enable the client to continue to focus on his existing business whilst still retaining full authority over the project. The client and/or person appointed to represent the client will be involved with regular interactions and the opportunity to direct and influence project related decisions i.e. design reviews, layouts, suppliers and contracted parties to be appointed, etc. Thus the day to day co-ordination, equipment procurement, drawing office supervision, interface management and contractual issues will be the responsibilities entrusted to JTEC. More importantly, the client’s exposure to design and construction risks moves to JTEC Engineering.

JTEC’s engineering team are multidisciplinary and expertise extends from design specialists, manufacturing, construction, project management and operational experience.

Additional but not limited to:

Specialised Rigging and slinging of heavy equipment

Abnormal to normal Transportation

Mobile cranes 16T – 72T