We specialised in 12, 24 and 36kV fixed and removable:
MV Switchgear, Substations, Container Subs, Control Systems, Control Panels and 
MV Outdoor Switchgear
Different Types of Switchgear

Air insulated bus bars and internal MV connections are AIR INSULATED (can be metal clad or metal enclosed)

GIS (Gas insulated Switchgear)
all active parts (Isolator, Breaker Earth switch and in some cases also the bus bars ) will be installed in a sealed chamber filled with SF6 insulating gas. 
These units are mainly metal enclosed switchgear.


Compact Switchgear this type is mainly GIS based but great effort was done to reduce the panel width of the equipment to allow smaller footprint. This is done without sacrificing the integrity of the Switchgear and to ensure quality and reliability.

Ring main units (RMU) or single tank GIS units multiple combinations of "panels" are integrated in one single tank (GIS unit).

Additional services supplied to projects:
36 kV RMU 
11/22 kV RMU 
Supply Container conversions for the inverter stations including the complete installation of invertors and all equipment necessary for a complete PV Power Station. Do the Integration of the generated energy in-to the utility grid.
Site commissioning including testing and Eskom/Utility Integration
All equipment is tested against international standards and at accredited third party testing stations. 
As a result of continuous product and market research, products are designed and manufactured according to the latest trends in the industry. JTEC Electrical use the professional services of Outec controls which are a global leader in the industry of LV and MV Switchgear. 

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