Project Management

It is essential to JTEC Engineering to ensure that projects entrusted to us are completed on time, within budget, objectives and requirements are exceeded and interfaces are resolved and managed well. We will remain flexible, walk that extra mile and ensure that the most efficient and competent resources are deployed where and when required.

Services and responsibilities on offered include but are not limited to: 
•    Establish the clients and technical needs
•    Compile scopes of work with roles and responsibilities
•    Develop a project life cycle – cradle to grave approach
•    Conduct technical measurements, validations, risk assessments and other investigations 
•    Conduct location studies
•    Compile the most suitable project team to guide and direct the various engineering disciplines 
•    Record project objectives and standards of measurements
•    Compile budgets, feasibility studies and business cases
•    Approach and negotiate with entities on statutory requirements (e.g. EIA, permits, ROD’s, utilities etc.) 
•    Compile specifications for various disciplines and assist with tender processes
•    Oversee and manage tender clarification and adjudications
•    Assist with matters relating to equipment acquirement and importation
•    Contract, construction QCP and program management (including SHE matters)
•    Interface management
•    Validation and approval of progress payments
•    Conduct regular construction and progress meetings with the client and various contractors
•    Compile and maintain relevant documentation and procedures agreed to by the client e.g. certificates,  
•    Manage variation and scope creep
•    Develop standard operating procedures and task observation procedures
•    Commission and  training, 
•    Measure, verify performance and evaluate objectives
•    Handover and close-out project

TURN KEY Solution

From the range of services offered it is obvious that JTEC could deliver a turnkey project seamlessly. Needless to say that services will be tailored to meet each project’s specific needs.

Our project management team will enable the client to continue to focus on his existing business whilst still retaining full authority over the project. The client and/or person appointed to represent the client will be involved with regular interactions and the opportunity to direct and influence project related decisions i.e. design reviews, layouts, suppliers and contracted parties to be appointed, etc. Thus the day to day co-ordination, equipment procurement, drawing office supervision, interface management and contractual issues will be the responsibilities entrusted to JTEC. More importantly, the client’s exposure to design and construction risks moves to JTEC Engineering.

JTEC’s engineering team are multidisciplinary and expertise extends from design specialists, manufacturing, construction, project management and operational experience.

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